Self-serve cash advance calculator

Does your business need cash now?
Do you process credit cards?
Are you looking for a Customized business cash advance?
Do you want to build your Cash Advance yourself, with an easy to use Graphical Calculator that allows you to see how the advance is going to impact your business cash flow?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you are in the right place. 

Introducing Dice7’s cash advance, the most comprehensive and transparent way of receiving a quick cash injection to your business. Unlike a bank loan, the cash advance can be paid at your terms, and based on your cash flows. 

With our industry leading cash advance calculator, you will be able to calculate exactly how much money you can receive as well as how much money will have to be paid back. Unlike a Bank loan, the cash advance will not require minimum payments, compounding interests, or reoccurring payment cycles. Instead, repayment is done through a percentage on your credit card sales, which is chosen by you, the business owner so that it fits your cash flows

Dice7’s cash advance calculator will give you comprehensive charts detailing the costs of the advance, as well as the impact on your cash flows. The calculator takes into account four different variables essential to providing a merchant with a cash advance. The calculator takes into account the total gross sales, as well as card and check sales. Once the total sales are inputted, the calculator will give you the opportunity to switch the time of repayment, as well as the daily discount percentage on your credit card sales.

The time of repayment and daily discounted percentage are all based on the Merchant’s sales. Based on the sales amount, the calculator will give you a wide range of time of repayment and daily discount percentage so that you can best fulfill your merchant’s needs. 

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