Avoid Declines and Increase Sales

New terminal features were recently implemented to enhance the overall customer experience and decrease the number of declines associated with “card-present” transactions using debit/prepaid cards.
Approve More Transactions with Partial Authorizations!

The Partial Authorization process helps to avoid declines when a customer’s balance on their debit or prepaid card does not cover the full purchase amount. Instead of being declined, the transaction is approved for the available card balance, allowing the customer to complete the transaction using a second form of payment. This process not only improves the overall customer experience, it results in increased revenue directly to your bottom line.

Increase Your Customer’s True Spending Power with Real-Time Authorization Reversals

Help Customers Realize Their True Spending Power with Balance Responses

Prepaid cards are growing in popularity and some customers may lose track of their available balances. A Balance Response provides prepaid cardholders with their exact balance before or after a transaction. This feature results in fewer purchase attempts that exceed a customer’s available balances and leads to fewer declines, saving time and money at the point-of-sale.

What should you do as a merchant?

  • Ensure your point-of-sale system is setup to support processing Partial Authorization responses, split tender transactions, Real-Time Reversal transactions, and is able to display and/or print account balances.
  • Train customer-facing and other relevant staff in the new procedures for Partial Approval/split tender transactions, and show them how to recognize a balance due environment to avoid customers leaving prior to completing the transaction. Also, show them how and when to initiate a Real-Time Authorization Reversal, and make them familiar with the process for displaying and/or printing s receipt that details the cardholder’s remaining account balance.