Attract UnionPay cardholders and grow your business

New Revenue Opportunity with UnionPay Cardholders

By promoting UnionPay, your business can take advantage of the spending power of the growing number of Chinese tourists, students and business travelers. When you display your UnionPay signage, cardholders will know their card will be accepted and they won’t be limited to the cash in their wallet.

UnionPay is a leading, global credit card company with more than 2.6 billion cards issued worldwide (more cards than Visa®) and over $1 trillion in volume in the U.S. alone.

No Start-up Costs, No Changes to Your Service

Since you already accept UnionPay cards, there’s no paperwork required and no start-up, enrollment or annual fees—it’s business as usual. Merchants who are on tiered or bundled rate programs will see no change in rates for UnionPay card acceptance and UnionPay’s current rates will be passed directly to our pass through merchants.

Display the UnionPay Signage at Your Business

By posting the UnionPay signage at your place of business, you’re letting UnionPay cardholders know their card is accepted! Remember each and every payment transaction builds your business.

Accepting UnionPay is Easy and Cost-Effective

To learn more, call the customer service number listed on your terminal or merchant services statement.